Thursday, July 23, 2009

for our friends across the pond...

A blog posting, slightly off topic, yet always in the spirit of celebrating human development and making a positive impact on our world....

Today, ran a story (see below) about Geoff Holt and his stunning efforts to not let his condition limit his horizons.

I think most everyone who knows me, knows my brother is a paraplegic. Born in 1969 with spina bifida, he's never given up or given in despite any of the odds. And I think EVERYONE who knows me, knows I'm an avid sailor.

As such, Geoff's efforts really tug at my heart strings.

I urge everyone to take a moment, log into, and vote for Geoff, his family, his spirit, and his conviction to overcome the odds.

Peace! -sg

From :
Having become the first disabled person to sail single-handed around Great Britain in 2007, I’ve set myself a new challenge, to sail across the Atlantic in December 2009. I’ll be using a 60ft, custom-built, wheelchair accessible catamaran called Impossible Dream. I leave Lanzarote on December 10th and will be heading to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands which is where I the accident which put me in my wheelchair 25 years ago.

Can you help? I’ve just heard that British Airways have short listed me for their Great Britons Award. If I win, they will fly my wife and son out to the Caribbean so they will be there when I arrive so it means a lot to me. However, to win, I need votes. Could I ask all Sailing Anarchy readers to go here ( and place a vote for me? I’m the only sailor in the competition and I’m currently in 2nd place out of 8 contestants. Unfortunately there are less than 5 days of voting left so there is a degree of urgency. If anyone is interested in following my Atlantic project, then please log on here and you will receive regular updates.

Thanks guys. Every vote counts so the more the merrier!

Geoff Holt

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