Wednesday, January 20, 2010

just wondering why...


  1. Government, noun- the individual or group of individuals accepted by a group to administer the established rule of order for the common welfare
  2. Government, verb/action- to govern; the administration of an established rule of order accepted by a group for the common welfare
  3. Politics, verb- the art of promoting special interests for a narrow few.

Hypothesis: A government's role in society is to provide infrastructure, security and public services for the common good.

Observation: When politics/special interests are injected in a body who's sole purpose is to serve the common good, then no good can come of it.

Conclusion: Government and politics have no business being associated with each other.

Digression: While practicing politics and when their own futures are uncertain (financially and otherwise), Government (legislators and officials) have absolutely no interest in the common good of the people they govern. They simply bend to the whim of the highest contributing special interest in an effort to keep their jobs.

Noteworthy: Funny how bitter rivals within our system of government become best of friends when their jobs are not on the line (Clinton the first and Bush the second are now "best buds" when it comes to rushing to the aid of the impoverished nation of Haiti when pummeled by a natural disaster.) But note how we never saw them rushing to help lift Haitians out of their daily squalor before the disaster. Maybe they are still practicing politics?

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